Room Types and Charges

Centrepoint student accommodation offers great facilities at affordable prices.  Below shows a breakdown of student rates by room type.  Students applying to stay at Centrepoint student village enter into an agreement to occupy the property for the licence period and are liable for rent during this licence term.  Centrepoint rent is paid in 2 moiety payments broken down as follows;
  • 1st Moiety Payment: Rent for September 2019 to end of May 2020.  Also due at this time will be the Utilities charge, Electricity prepayment and  bill management fee.  Payment is due on or no later than 12.00pm midday on 21st August 2018.
  • 2nd Moiety Payment:  Rent from end January to end of May 2020.  Payment is due on or no later than 5.00on on 2nd December 2019.

Room Type

Moiety 1 Payment

Moiety 2 Payment
Total Payment




Single En-suite


Twin En-suite     




Double En-suite



Payable no later
than 5.00pm,
20th August 2019
Payable no later
than 5.00pm,
2nd December 2019

Deposits Per Student Full Academic Year



Damage Deposit           


Refundable minus charges/damages



Payment for services such as refuse, WIFI, cable tv, tv licenses, phones
Electricity  Prepayment/ Bill  Management  Fee   
350 electricity prepayment/50 non refundable bill management fee


Damage deposit payable when application is made.
Utilities, Electricity Prepayment and Bill Management Fee payable with 1st Moiety payment no later than 5.00pm on 20th August 2019
Booking/Damage Deposit:   300.00 is payable on application and is refundable 8/10 weeks after end of your student licence agreement date minus damages and missing items.  Wear & tear is taken into consideration but excessive damage is payable by the student.  A full statement of account will be issued to each resident through their Student Portal to coincide with deposit return.
Payment of deposit can only be made online through our Booking Engine at the time of application.  Once your application is complete each applicant is provided with their own individual Username and Password to access the Centrepoint Student Portal.

Electricity Prepayment/Bill Management Fee There is an Electricity Prepayment/Bill Management Fee of 400 due on or before 5.00pm 20th August 2019An electricity prepayment of 350 is made per applicant and is payable with your 1st rental payment.  Each apartment is metered for pre-pay electricity, and is topped up on 4 occasions over the course of the academic year.  The pre-pay meters allow students to monitor and have greater control over their electricity usage on a daily basis.  In the unlikely event that the apartment runs out of electricity credit between top-ups they simply report this to management who will provide them with a top-up card, allowing students to purchase additional credit from a local Paypoint shop or online.  At the end of the academic year if credit remains on the meter this will be reimbursed equally among all residents in the apartment.  

Bill management fee is a  non refundable  payment of 50 per student for administration and payment of  utility and electricity invoices payable on or before 5.00pm 20th August 2019.

Utility Payment: A non refundable utility fee of  292 for services such as Cable TV, WIFI,  TV licence, Incoming Telephone and Refuse is payable on or before 5.00pm 20th August 2019. 

Water Charges:  The above deposits and charges do not cover Water Charges, since their suspension in June 2016.  Should Water Charges be reintroduced during the 19/20 academic year they will be payable directly by residents.

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