Best thing about living at Centrepont is everyone is close together.  Very helpful customer service.  Shane Quillinan 1st Year Biomedical Science 12/13
Apartments are vey well maintained and great to live in.  Centrepoint offer a top quality apartment.  Casey Card 1st Year Medicine 12/13
Really easy to make friends at Centrepoint.  Customer services excellent, make it feel like home.  Tony Berkery 1st Year Engineering 12/13
Centrepoint apartments are nice and if anything is wrong it is easily fixed by willing staffSecurity of building is good.
Danielle Hyder - 3rd Year International Studies 11/12
Because of its size, Centrepoint is a quieter complex than some of the other student complexes.  Centrepoint are very good at looking after their students and fixing things as quickly as possible.   Mishaal Naseem - 1st Year Commerce 11/12
Centrepoint Apartments are modern and spacious.  Any issues are dealt with quickly and effectively by staff.  - Julie Donnellan 1st Year Medicine 11/12
Good facilities at Centrepoint - laundry room open 24 hours - if you can't go to reception during office hours to purchase laundry tokens, email or ring and they will leave tokens in your letter box for you.  Internet access was good in my apartment.  Fiona Farrelly -  MA (Writing) Post Grad 11/12
Apartments are very comfortable and the staff are very approachable.  When, or if there is a problem it is fixed as soon as possible, without delay.   John Feeney - 1st Year Corporate Law 10/11
I found the atmosphere at Centrepoint the best.   I made friends straight away at the beginning of the year and come the end of the year we had our own little community here.  The best thing Centrepoint do is security.  I felt safe in the knowledge that at night my car was safely locked in the underground car park and that there is a 24 hour security company on call to deal with any issues we may have.   Shane Brett - 1st Year Corporate Law 10/11

Very positive in all.....Centrepoint is a great place to stay.   Centrepoint  Apartments are very comfortable and the facilities are very good.  Very professional and prompt service.   Any difficulties or problems are fixed  quickly.  While the walk to NUIG is a little longer than you would like if you are in a hurry, it’s also quite pleasant.  Mark O’Loughlin –  2nd Year Medicine 09/10


Centrepoint apartments are nice apartments, good colour scheme not dull.  Good management service from Centrepoint staff.  Small number of apartments at Centrepoint which enables you to meet your neighbours and form friendships. Noreen Hopkins – 1st Year Science 09/10


This is my 3rd year in Centrepoint and I think that this is a great place to live at – peaceful, quiet and comfortable.  Centrepoint apartments are at a very high standard and regular maintenance ensures that they stay such.  Excellent, quick, proper service and maintenance of the apartments.  Very good communication between the student and Centrepoint management.   It is also a safe place to live in the city, where it is difficult to get such reassurance in private accommodation.  The bike store and underground car park are also safe and very handy.  Great piece of mind that all the bills are paid on time and quiet proper study place at the desk in the apartment.  Urzula Donigiewicz  - 3rd Year Medicine 09/10


I find Centrepoint apartments are large for student accommodation.  Centrepoint apartments are very clean and have good facilities.   In addition the price is reasonable.  Only disadvantage is distance from College but with a bike it is not too bad.  I  have rebooked for next year. Stephen Chiu -  3rd Yr Medical Student 09/10



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